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Date: 30th May 2017
Kimberley tours: what you can look forward to

You’ve booked your flight, but what happens next? Well, it’s time to get excited.

Here arefive things you can look forward to about your upcoming Aviair tour: 

1.      Hopping out to have a look around

Not only will you fly over some of the best sights to in Australia, but you also can get out and have a look too. Aviair has access to a range of airstrips in the Kimberley – from Purnululu Park in the South to Mitchell Falls in the North. Tucked away in the chasms and gorges of the Purnululu is an array of walks trails and sights just waiting for you to explore with Aviair’s Kimberley tours.

2.      Learning about the region

Purnululu National Park is more than 360 million years old, Lake Argyle is home to more than 35,000 freshwater crocodiles, and Kununurra’s Diversion Dam was completed in 1962… These are just some of the facts you’ll learn and knowledge you’ll gain while flying with Aviair. Our Cessna 208 Caravans are fitted with a PA system so you can hear all about what you can see below. With the press of a button, you can chat to your pilot and other guests to ask questions and discuss what you can see. 

3.      3. Meeting other people

The Kimberley plays host to thousands of people from around the world each year – many of which will take one of our East Kimberley tours. Each guest is united by one common factor – a love of exploring and a desire to see the best the Kimberley has to offer. We cater for passengers of all ages and you can guarantee your friendly pilot will have plenty of conversation-starters on offer if you’re looking to make new friends.  

4.      4. Combining your flight with other tours

We work together in the outback, and Aviair has combined with other local tourism operators to give passengers the choice of taking some of the best tours for the best value. Kimberley helicopter tours are on offer at Mitchell Falls, Purnululu National Park and Lake Argyle with our sister company HeliSpirit. At Lake Argyle, you can take a scenic sunset cruise on this inland sea after your trip to Purnululu National Park.

 5.      Feeling comfortable 


Did you know Aviair has the only air-conditioned fleet in the Kimberley? We also provide guests with a complimentary bottle of water, and a cool, sandalwood-scented towlette to help you feel fresh during a day of exploring. Aviair’s aircrafts also have great legroom, headroom and isle space.  

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